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Jared Braiterman, Ph.D., Principal, jaredRESEARCH
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John Skidgel, Senior Product Designer, Macromedia
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Case study presented at CHI2002, the Human Factors in Computing Systems conference.

This case study discusses the integrated research and design efforts that made Shutterfly a UI and business success. Shutterfly is a consumer photo print and sharing web site, and the authors worked together to create its UI from its inception in 1999 through its re-branding and product innovation over three years.

Available online and as a PDF download, the case study includes home visit artifacts, customer profiles, UI concepts and specs, and iterative and final designs. By involving stakeholders including founders, executives, marketers, engineers and product managers in customer research and design activities, we were able to dramatically change the user experience of a new digital service.

For a business that required voluntary adoption and new behaviors for its success, we were able to focus on the most valuable customers and to create an application that was both usable and desirable. Success metrics include postive qualitative research feedback on prototypes, industry awards and increased revenue from new and existing products.


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Mobile China research on mobile technology and youth culture, begun in 2005.

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